wrap around labeling machine
Jan 24, 2019

The wrap around label machine is a kind of equipment for professionally handling the labeling of products. It adopts the automatic bottle feeding process of the bottle unscrambler, and continuously tears off the roll label paper. According to the position of the railway bottle, the labeling method is beautiful. It is firm, not easy to fall off , and has high production efficiency.

For rolling labelers, the material used for the label is particularly important as it affects the ability to properly bid in the course of the operation. Generally speaking, the thickness of the sticker label paper should be controlled above 100um, while the adhesive label with small area is not suitable for labeling large labels.

In addition to paying attention to the thickness and area of the label data, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the surface of the label base paper is uniform in coating silicon, whether it has good tensile strength and good light transmission.

Before the operation, the self adhesive label is usually processed, and the bottom paper after the slitting is requested to be flat and not broken at both sides, to prevent the bottom line from cracking when the tension changes, and to eliminate static electricity in the label of the web before labeling. Since static electricity will form a label, it will not be marked or the labeling will be inaccurate.

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