Unstable position of manual labeling machine
Jan 11, 2019

Semi-automatic labeling machines may have unstable positions, so how should we solve the problem?

1. The belt press device of labeler may not be pressed, causing the belt to loosen.

2. The label sensor is not accurate and the compression label is solved.

3. The traction mechanism may be slipping or not being pressed, resulting in the failure to take the backing paper smoothly. The compression traction mechanism solves the problem. If the tension is too tight, the label will be pulled, so that the bottom paper can be pulled normally. (Normally, if the bottom paper that is pulled out is wrinkled, it should be too tight)

4. The products to be attached have different shapes or different positioning. Control product quality.

5. The product to be placed should be placed in parallel with the direction in which the label is marked. (Note that the product is in position during the labeling process, and the left support bar can be raised a little more than the right side)

6. The product to be attached should be ensured to rotate smoothly at the labeling station (be careful not to touch the stripping plate). When the object is too light, the overlying rod should be put down and the object to be attached should be pressed.

7. In the state of double label, after the single label is issued, the labeling product keeps rotating because the delay of the second label is not set, and the label machine is in a state of waiting for the label labeling of the second label.

After the label is released, the labeling product stops. It is because the sensor has signal interference (resetting the label sensor) or the delay control is abnormal.

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