The features of shrink wrap label
Nov 26, 2018

The shrink sleeve labeling machine use the shrink labels to shrink packing the product, so here we would like to introduct that the characteristics of sleeve label are following,

1.The heat shrinkable label has high transparency, and most of them adopt gravure printing, so the label printing is colorful, the graphic layer is rich, and the three-dimensional feeling is strong;

2. Due to the close decoration of the packaging container and the 360° overall packaging, the appearance of the product can be highlighted, the appearance of the product can be improved, and a good shelf display effect is produced.

3. The shrink sleeve label has the characteristics of moisture proof, anti-corrosion, anti-impact and tear resistance.

4. The printing method adopts the inside printing, which enhances the protection of the packaging in the transportation and sales of the product.

daily shrink sleeve labels

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