The features of opp labeling machine
Dec 13, 2018

1.opp label cutting blade is easy to adjust;

2. The vacuum suction wheel is made of high-hardness material, and the added wrinkle treatment procedure can reduce the trademark friction and prevent static electricity generation;

3. The work of replacing compatible parts can be completed quickly and efficiently within 10 minutes;

4. The position of the blade can be adjusted accurately and conveniently using the manual operation panel;

5. The vacuum suction wheel and the lower part of the bopp label cutting part are made of special materials resistant to wear and heat;

6. When the label length is changed, the automatic adjustment knob can automatically adjust the MARK position;

 7. The upper and lower mouth label heat shrinks tightly without wrinkles; the overall labeling surface is smooth, the overlap is not dislocated, no leakage, no glue

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