The difference of sticker and sleeve labeler
Feb 10, 2019

1. The label used by the sticker labeling machine and the sleeve labeling machine is different.

A sticker labeling machine is a machine that attaches a roll of self-adhesive paper label 

The label used for the sleeve labeling machine is a shrink film which is formed by putting the film on the bottle and then shrinking it through a shrinking furnace. Many beverages and mineral waters are now mostly used as sleeve labels.

2. The method of labeling is different

The sticker labeling machine labeling method adopts the automatic bottle feeding process of the bottle unscrambler, and the roll label paper is continuously torn off. According to the position of the railway bottle, the labeling method is beautiful, firm and does not fall off by itself. high productivity.

The sleeve labeling machine is used to carry the labeling process by placing the label on the bottle and then tightening the label by heat shrinking or pressure shrinking. The sleeve position is highly accurate and, after shrinking, highlights the perfect bottle shape of the bottle.

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