The difference between pvc shrink label and pet shrink label
Dec 17, 2018

1, PVC shrink film

PVC shrink film is the most widely used heat shrinkable label film material. It has low cost, good transparency, moderate shrinkage rate, and shrinkage rate generally between 40% and 60%, which requires high heat source. However, due to the close density of PVC and PET materials, it is not easy to separate by simple flotation when recycling, and there is a problem that recovery is difficult.

In addition, when PVC is burned, HCl (hydrogen chloride) acid is generated, corroding the incinerator, and dioxin gas may be generated, which is not conducive to environmental protection, and is prohibited or restricted in Europe, Japan, and other countries and regions.

2, PET shrink film

Among the various types of shrink film, PET has the largest shrinkage rate (up to 80%), so the bottle with a complex geometric shape often uses PET material as the label material. The temperature-contraction change of PET is relatively flat. In addition, PET film is more environmentally friendly than PVC film.

PET films account for a large market share in shrink labels, about 15% to 20%, and are currently increasing at a higher rate. However, a few years ago, due to the high cost of raw materials, the shrinkage tension was too large, and it was also limited in use.

However, the current price of PET shrink film labels is moving closer to PVC prices. It is the ideal material to replace PVC film.

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