The Characteristics Of Rotary Labeling Machine
Dec 14, 2018

1. It can be flexibly matched with 1 set of labeling station, 2 groups of labeling stations or 3 groups of labeling stations; realize the labeling requirement of one bottle or one label; at the same time, it can also set automatic conversion between labeling stations to achieve no Stop changing labels;

2. Rotary labeling method, especially suitable for square bottle and round bottle positioning labeling; upper and lower mold shaping and pressure bottle positioning to ensure the stability of labeling and labeling accuracy;

3. The equipment can rotate the bottle speed, can position the bottle at high speed, realize the special labeling requirements of high-speed positioning labeling and special-shaped bottles;

4. The equipment can be well adapted to the inline production of high speed production lines of 12000-36000 per hour;

5. Product application range: PET bottled water bottle, seasoning wine and beer, edible oil bottle square bottle and round bottle, food high-speed labeling, daily chemical, medicine and other high-demand self-adhesive labeling;

6. The equipment has multiple monitoring functions: lack of standard alarm, lack of bottle alarm, missed alarm, equipment failure alarm and safety protection alarm shutdown function

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