Surface sticker labeling machine
Dec 08, 2018

Surface labeling machine have three type as following,

1.Automatic type, it is fully automatic labeling on the surface of the product

2.Semi automatic type, need one person to handle this label machine, to put the product on the labeling machine, then labeling.

3.Multi-function type, can labeling different surface on the same time, or can be integrated in other function labeler.

Here we would like to introduce that surface self adhesive labeling machine application,

It is suitable for labeling self-adhesive film or the surface of various produdt, such as books, folders, boxes, cartons, etc. 

The replacement labeling mechanism can be applied to uneven surface labeling.

And optional code printer or printer to the labeling head, can print information such as production date, batch number and printing barcode on the label.

Optional inkjet printer to conveyor belt, can print the production date, batch number, barcode and other information on the product before or after labeling.

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