Steam tunnel of shrink sleeve labeling machine
Jan 02, 2019

The steam shrinking tunnel of sleeve labeling machine is a new generation of shrink film machine with exquisite design, beautiful appearance, small footprint, easy movement, quick installation and wide adjustment, making it suitable for all kinds of conveyor belts and slides.

It works with the unique temperature of steam and uniform temperature diffusion to achieve the incomparable effect of ordinary electric heating and shrinking machine. This steam tunnel uses a steam generator to generate steam and does not require an additional steam boiler. The main engine has two main and auxiliary heaters, which can adjust the power of the equipment according to different production speeds. The conveyor belt adopts stepless speed regulation, and the conveying speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. Widely used in food and beverage industries such as gallon bottle neck or small bottled mineral water, purified water, soft drinks and tea beverages, as well as cosmetics, shampoos and hardware electronics where shrink film packaging is required.

Steam tunel

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