Special shape bottle sleeve labeling
Jan 17, 2019

Some customer maybe choose the shrink sleeve label machine to shrink special shape bottle,

The common issue reason for the poor shrinkage effect of special shape bottle sleeve labeling

 1. Irregularly shaped bottles, During the shrinkage of the sleeve label, the diameter of the shaped bottle and the bottle body may be irregular, and the shrinking tunnel may need to be adjusted.

 2.the manufacturer's vapor pressure is unstable;

 3.the shrinkage rate of the film material is not good

 4.check whether the speed is even and constant, whether the conveyor speed is changed frequently;

    Adjustment method: achieve a perfect shrink bottle type, the position of the blow port must be properly adjusted to allow the bottle to shrink time and temperature for a certain period of time;

2.Use better quality pressure reducing valve, or high-end pressure reducing valve;

3.let the label supplier provide a label with stable shrinkage; is recommended not to adjust speed of the conveyor belt frequently

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