Semi-automatic sticker labeling machine
Sep 03, 2018

Semi-automatic labeling machine, also call manual labeling machine, is widely used in cosmetics, food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, plastics, printing and other industries, shampoo flat bottles, packaging boxes, cosmetic flat bottles, plastic shells, bottles Covers such as flat, curved, circumferential, concave, convex or other attached labels.

    The semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is a model of self-adhesive labeling machine. The labeling range is the widest. Round bottles can be applied with a diameter of 15mm-160mm. One semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine can basically meet all requirements. Labeling cylindrical products for labeling, especially suitable for small batches, variety and specifications, there are two kinds of labeling control methods, one is to use the sensor to automatically measure the object - topping - labeling, another One is foot control-topping-labeling, with automatic calibration and automatic detection without calibration, fault alarm function, production counting function, stable performance, and complete equipment supporting materials. Labeling of health care products round bottles, cosmetic round bottles, water purifier filters, beverage round bottles, round wine bottles, seasoning bottles, spicy sauce bottles, etc., the labeling batch is not much used more than this machine, although it is a semi-automatic labeling machine, However, the labeling amount of 1 day can reach more than 10,000 pcs, which is a good helper for small factory.

    The semi-automatic labeling machine has a simple structure, is convenient and practical, and brings convenience for the production of the majority of enterprises. However, this kind of labeler can label round bottle, flat surface,but the general speed is not high, why?

 First of all, this is determined by the structural characteristics of the semi-automatic labeling machine. When labeling, the label tape is pulled out from the reel by the motor, reaches the position of the label sensor, is positioned, and then passes through several balancing rollers, transported to the stripping plate position, the bottom paper is peeled off, and finally transferred to Being attached to the object. During the label transport process, an open-loop displacement control is used on the reel to maintain the position of the label. The labels are closely connected to each other on the label strip, so the label must keep starting and stopping. The speed of transmission is not very high, and it takes time between start and stop.

    Secondly, the labeling speed of the semi-automatic labeling machine is matched according to the demand. Most of these characteristics are applicable to the production of small batches, multiple types, and low efficiency requirements, especially for the flexible and versatile needs of small factory. Basically, 15-40 can be posted per minute, which can satisfy most of the small batch production.

    Once again, in the product structure of the labeling machine industry, if the requirements are relatively high, you can use fully automatic labeling equipment, which can reach hundreds or more per minute. This equipment is structurally Completely different semi-automatic devices. The fully automatic equipment does not use the open-loop stepping structure on the label conveying. The label is continuous forward, and there is no need to stop and stop in the middle to ensure the conveying speed. Basically, how fast the product go, how fast the labeling is !

    In general, the semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine or the semi-automatic surface labeling machine is only suitable for small batches and multiple changes of labeling requirements, and the labeling speed is not high. However, it also improves the quality of labeling, reduces labor costs, and has a wide range of applications.

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