Round bottle labeling machine
Oct 18, 2018

The round bottle was a popular product packaging style in the mall at that time. The packaged products were mostly presented in food, cosmetics, and daily chemical products. The detailed product names include canned food, moisturizing facial cleanser, and toiletries. .

Common round bottle products, manufacturers according to the different materials of the round bottle, facing the appearance of the product labeling, select this multi-purpose round bottle labeling machine. The function of the device is similar to the round bottle labeler, but there will be a small difference in the detailed operation process.

It is satisfied with the labeling of the round bottle products and the shaped bottle products, and completes the four sides, the single side, the double side, and the half wrap and full-wrapping.

When round bottle labeling, equipped with standard machine and non-standard machine (servo and stepping) operating system, the detailed function parameters are different, manufacturers can choose appropriate equipment according to the requirements.

For example, in the servo system, when elliptical product labeling, the labeling speed can reach 200 bottles/min, and the labeling accuracy is ±1mm. However, there is a need to pay attention to the fact that because the scale standards of the elliptical product labeling are different, the speed and accuracy will change.

The round bottle labeling machine is equipped with precise electric eye control. The product line will be accurately recognized when passing through the workbench, ensuring that the label does not leave air bubbles and is beautiful. And do not present more stickers, no stickers and missing stickers, and put them into use.

About the general single round bottle labeling equipment, its advanced technology, such as the soft cotton clamping structure, can meet a variety of bottle labeling.

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