Round bottle labeing structure
Jan 07, 2019

Here we would like to introduce round bottle labeling structure of round bottle sticker labeling machine today as following,

As we know, it is very common to use round bottle labeling machine for labeling round bottle.

The round bottle material can be pet, pe, or glass,etc.

The most popular labeling structure for labeling round bottle is following,

1.Cylinder labeling,

This structure is specicialized for low speed output, around 1800-4000BPH. High precision fixed position labeling, Good labeling effect.

Cylinder labeling

2.Friction belt labeling,

This structure is specicialized for middle speed output, around 4000-6000BPH, Wide round bottle application, which is more suitable for different size round bottle in one machine.

Friction belt labeling

3.Star wheel labeling,

This structure is specicialized for high speed output, around 6000-9000BPH, Fast and stable, which is more focus on water or beverage industry.

Star wheel labeling

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