Quick way to fix labeler issues
Jan 29, 2019

The maintenance of the automatic labeling machine is divided into several large blocks. From the composition of the automatic labeling machine, it can be divided into standard stations, pressure brushes, etc.

First, the adjustment of the labeling machine station

(1) Adjustment of the squeegee and the rubber roller: the squeegee and the rubber roller should not have a gap in the whole length. If there is a gap, the squeegee can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric bolt;

(2) Adjustment of the rubber roller and the target plate: the target plate and the rubber roller only contact each other without any pressure. If the gap is too large, there will be too much glue on the target board, causing the glue. The gap is too small, the contact is too tight, the glue will be squeezed away, and there is no glue on the half of the target. Practice has proved that the gap between the target plate and the rubber roller is excellent between 0.1mm and 0.2mm. This can be achieved by adjusting the bearing housing in the lower part of the rubber roller and adjusting the bearing on the upper part of the rubber roller if necessary.

Second, the adjustment of the brushing device

(1) The center of the label is aligned and the two sides are symmetrical;

(2) the brush is perpendicular to the surface of the container;

(3) The overlapping gap of the brushing sweeping container is: a single pressing brush is 10 mm to 15 mm, and the combined pressing brush is 5 mm to 10 mm;

(4) The position of the cleaning brush from the sponge is 1mm to 2mm

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