Paste method of labeling machine
Aug 30, 2018

Labeling machine for round bottles and other containers.

Its motion patterns can be roughly divided into two ways.

The first way is about wine bottles and beer bottles,etc. The bottle moves forward and attaches  adhesive label to the bottle. There are three situations as following:

1. The bottle moves forward intermittently, and labels are posted when it stops moving.

2. Send labels to attach the bottles during the moving process.

3. synchronize the movement of bottles with sticker labels.


The second category is small medicine bottles. The bottle is lying down, rotating labeling. 

The biggest problem in labeling machine is the issue of posting, usually using labels with liquid adhesive. Because of the appearance of new labels, such as pressure-sensitive, heat-sensitive and hot-melt labeling machines, new developments have taken place in sticker labeling machines. The problems in using liquid adhesives are: initial viscosity, quick drying function, avoidance of adhesives attached to guide rollers, and the binding of veneer materials.

Especially in the application of high-speed label machine, the choice of binder solvent and solvent drying time also have certain constraints. Heat sensitive labels have their advantages. They melt the adhesive by heating and persist in stickiness after reducing heat. Then the heating and pressing operation of the labeling machine can be carried out separately. Because of the strong adhesion, various data can be posted.

The advantage of the hot-melt mold is that it only melts when heated and then sticks when cooled. The materials that can be posted have a wide range of sources. It should be noted, however, that this method is different from the binder that re-condenses into the data, because of the variety of materials posted, there will be a long-term future risk of label drying and falling off.

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