OPS shrink label introduction
Dec 19, 2018

1. Compared with PVC shrink label, OPS shrink label is environmentally friendly;

2. The price of OPS shrink film is higher than that of PET shrink film.

3. The relative density of OPS is 1.025 and the shrinkage is up to 75%.

4. Since OPS is relatively small in longitudinal shrinkage, it can produce a finished product with good consistency.

5. OPS membrane is sensitive to temperature. Under normal storage conditions, its shrinkage performance is strong and high, and it needs to be stored and transported at low temperature, otherwise it will be easy to shrink and degenerate.

6. The solvent type used for OPS printing and palm powder is different from PVC and PET.

7. OPS shrink film must be printed with special ink and solvent.

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