Notification of wet glue label machine
Dec 25, 2018

1. Glue selection - usually use Panda brand white glue (polyvinyl acetate emulsion). Be careful not to add too much glue when adding glue, just keep a rubber film on the rubber wheel.

Because too much glue will cause the label to be attached, too much glue will remain on the paper transfer belt and the sponge pad due to the extrusion of the bottle and the sponge board, and the subsequent label attachment will be affected.

2. Label processing - In order to make the label fully attached to the bottle, and to increase the aesthetics of the product, the label should be kept flat before it can be fully glued.

Since the label is easily exposed to moisture in the air at normal temperature, curling occurs. Therefore, when the label is stored, it must be fixed with a hard plate before and after, and then clamped with a rubber band.

3. Bottle processing - no grease or dust on the outer surface of the bottle when the label is attached

Automatic wet glue labeling machine

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