Not labeling affection
Sep 11, 2018

A good product, if not labeled, not only has a very big impact on the product itself but also on the enterprise, and there are many disadvantages. Here are three examples for everyone to understand.

1. The primary impact on the appearance of the product is the sale;

First, a comparison of two products of the same specification, the appearance of one product is flat and straight, while the other one is to have a beautiful surface. For consumers, the appearance of a delicious product can be noticed for the first time. Therefore, products are not labeled, which often affects sales.

2, the unique brand of the product, can not be identified;

If the products of the same style are not labeled, consumers will not be able to distinguish these brands, causing a lot of fake and shoddy products. Therefore, products are not labeled, and they are often hit by brands.

3, it can not following the trend of packaging profession;

The development of the packaging profession is advancing with the times, and the innovation of various packaging equipment is followed step by step. If the product is not labeled, it will inevitably hinder the development of the labeling machine, and the packaging profession cannot be fully and quickly carried out. Therefore, the product is not labeled, it is hard to go ahead of the process.

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