Not in same direction of double side labeler
Feb 11, 2019

1.Environmental reasons

1.1. Due to the humid environment and long-term high temperature work, the header is loose and the labeling is not accurate. Solution The mechanical equipment should work at normal temperature and fix the header to adjust the standard position. Thereby avoiding shaking, the equipment is carried out in an orderly manner.

2.Electrical reasons

2.1. Commonly: the drive does not turn or twirling. It can be checked by tightening the rotating parts, and the double-sided labeling machine works normally.

2.2. Stop the table is not allowed, the solution: reset the parameters of the measuring eye, and safely after stopping the labeling machine.

2.3. The object is not accurate, the solution: adjust the measuring object and the amplifier so that it can be accurately and tidy.

3. Product reasons

After checking the above two reasons, the inspection may be the product itself, or it may not be suitable for such labeling machine specifications.

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