Maintenance of labeler conveyor belt
Feb 06, 2019

1. Make sure the conveyor belt is clean and free of any obstructions. If so, remove it in time.

2. The conveyor belt can't scratch the side support or guardrail during work, and it needs to be adjusted in time.

3. The conveyor belt can't be adjusted too tightly, too tight and easy to increase wear.

4. When opening the device, try not to put the product in, and then put the product after the device is started normally. Because the machine starts up, the acceleration is relatively large, the load is easy to cause vibration, and the excessive load on the belt will affect its life.

5. Make sure that the conveyor belt is running normally, there is no deviation, if it is necessary to correct it in time, so as not to cause uneven load.

6. Do not use abnormal gravity when placing the product to avoid increasing the load.

7. The running speed of the conveyor belt should be within the specified range. If the speed is too fast, the wear will be increased. 8. The conveyor belt should not be allowed to pour water or other chemical liquid on it to avoid corrosion.

9. If the belt is abnormally stuck or broken, please contact the labeling machine manufacturer service engineer immediately.

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