Maintenance knowledge of cold glue labeling machine
Dec 04, 2018

1.The cold glue labeling machine adds lubricating oil to the gear meshing parts of the machine every 5-10 shifts, and adds oil to the rolling chain of the drive chain and the screw.


2.Wet glue labeling machines and electrical equipment should be kept clean to prevent oil, water and dust from entering.

3.When repair and inspection of this label machine, the power of the labeler must be cut off.

4.Need often check the gears and the transmission parts are loose.

5.Often check the lubrication of the machine to ensure that the label applicator works under good lubrication conditions.


6.The bottle must be cylindrical containers 

7.The bottle must be dry when to be used in cold glue label applicator.

8.The diameter of the bottle should be the same, and the maximum error should be within 1mm.

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