Labeling machine common faults and solutions
Sep 22, 2018

 When the label applicator is used, there will be some troubles that are not too big or too difficult to be eliminated. These faults are directly related to the normal operation of the enterprise production line, so how to solve these problems quickly and effectively when these faults occur The problem is the knowledge that every technician should know. Now we have 8 common faults in the labeling machine and the way to solve the problem.


Common faults are as follows:

First, No label feeding

1. The position of the measuring product is incorrect, and the position of the sensor is adjusted.

2, measuring the electrical eye failure, replace the electric eye

3, the labeling head label is not tight enough to pull the sticker label

4, label system failure, check the cause of the failure

5, the output power of the header is not connected, and the power is turned on.


Second, continuous label feeding

1. The position of the label sensor is incorrect, and the position of the electric eye is adjusted.

2, label electric eye failure, adjust or replace the label electric eye


Third, the labeling axial position is not allowed

1. The labeling and peeling plate of the labeling head is not in the correct position, and the adjustment handle is

2. The position of the label on the labeling head is incorrect, and the label position is re-adjusted.


Fourth, the position before and after labeling is not correct

1. Adjust the position of the measuring object before or after the sensor or adjust the labeling delay.


Five, can not be attached label

1. The labeling speed is too slow, and the labeling speed is increased.

2. The reserved label is not long enough to lengthen the reserved label length.

3, the labeling speed is too fast, adjust the labeling speed

4. The measuring object is too far from the target end.

5, the interval is too small, increase the speed of the clip belt

6, the label is poorly viscous or the sticker is not clean


Sixth, have wrinkles after labeling

1. The reserved label is too long to adjust the length of the label.

2. The delivery speed is too fast and the conveyor speed is relatively slow,


Seven, label missing

1. The sensitivity of the measuring object is not good, and the appropriate sensitivity of the electric eye is adjusted.

2. The labeling speed is too slow or the conveyor speed is too fast.


Eight, the label bottom paper is loose

1, the labeling speed is too slow than the pinch belt speed


The common problems of the labeler mentioned above and their corresponding solutions. If you still know more about the labeling machine, please feel free to contact us.

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