In-line connection of sticker labeling machine
Nov 27, 2018

In order to take advantage of the automatic labeling, the production line must be connected by sticker labeler.

It is recommended to consider the following points when be connecting:

a. The self-adhesive labeling machine and the guardrail structure of the assembly line ensure smooth docking, and the intermediate transition treatment will not affect the scratch or damage of the product;

b. The speed of the sticker labeling machine matches the speed of the production line, and the speed of the production line is adapted to the speed of the labeling;

c. The automatic separation function or the stop structure function of the self-adhesive labeler.

d. The link structure of the self-adhesive labeling machine and the assembly line, using a belt or a plate chain, the gap between two parts should be reasonable;

e. Overall space considerations, can effectively use the production workshop, without hindering other production equipment.

f. Self-adhesive labeling machine should consider the shape, size and weight of the transported product;

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