How to solve the problem of bubbles on the label
Oct 25, 2018

bubbles are generally transparent labels, and it looks ugly. This is a problem that plagues most manufacturers.

To solve this problem, we must first understand the cause of the bubble, for the following reasons:

1. There is dust or dirt on the bottle.

2, the bottle did not blow when blowing, there are small pits.

3. The presence of static electricity on the bottle will repel the label and create bubbles.

4, the static electricity generated when the label is peeled off from the bottom paper, is also the cause of the labeling bubble, which generally occurs on the high-speed labeling machine.


After knowing the reason, let's see how to deal with it:

1. Keep the bottle clean and tidy before labeling.

2,Install electronic static elimination equipment to reduce the impact of static electricity.

3,Use spring steel sheet plus brush or spring steel sheet plus sponge or silicone scraper, the bottle is flat label, as long as the scraper is selected, the label will not bubble.

4,If it is a glass bottle, it is best not to use a transparent label, because the glass bottle itself has some irregular surface, so the bubble is difficult to avoid, if you really want to use the transparent label then use the spring steel sheet plus brush effect or spring steel sheet Adding a sponge will be better.

5,When labeling, the bottle should run faster than the labeling speed of the label, so as to avoid air bubbles.

6, Soft bottle labeling, to adjust the relationship between labeling speed, scraper strength, angle, distance.


Through our introduction to common sense, I believe that you have a clearer understanding of the bubbles in the labeling, hope that the solutions we provide can help you solve the problem.

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