Flat labeling machine
Jan 26, 2019

The fully automatic flat labeling machine can be applied to the upper plane labeling of many types of products, such as cartons, file bags, folders, cardboard, book, etc. The use of different labeling mechanisms can also be used for top surface labeling of surface flat products.

The main structure of the flat sticker labeling machine:

1. Labeling head adjustment seat can adjust different directions

2. The labeling head includes a discharging mechanism, a roller mechanism, a stripping mechanism, a receiving mechanism, a traction mechanism and a traction motor.

3. The conveyor belt is used to drive the products to be labeled into the labeling area and send the finished labeling products out of the labeling area.

4. The conveying guide bar is used for the guiding effect of the product conveying operation.

5, Control pannel, used to control the device to open, stop state, replace debugging parameters, observe I / O monitoring and so on.

6, Electrical cabinet, used for the circuit layout of the equipment

Flat surface labeling machine

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