Development of labeler industry in 2018
Jan 23, 2019

1. More intelligent

 Facing the impact of industrial transfer and environmental protection movements, the manufacturers that operate normally and actively promote the automatic labeling are mainly based on scale production or industry representatives, domain segmentation leaders, and group enterprise suppliers. Therefore, when purchasing labeling machinery, It is often necessary to consider the requirements of “reduction process, connection to the original production line, and integration into the original system”. In large or large-scale production sites, various electronic control, electrical integration, process optimization, and system docking enable the production of labeling machine manufacturers. The labeling machine that comes out is more intelligent and can meet different electronic control connections, and the intelligent control system and software programming are more complicated. High precision labeling machine structure

2. Environmentally friendly and efficient

 Today's automated packaging industry is more environmentally friendly, energy efficient. More and more labeling machine factories are also moving in this direction, adopting new environmentally friendly alternative materials, safe production, health, environmental protection, technology integration, comprehensive balance, suitable for the packaging of various commodities, bringing more consumers User-friendly, higher-tech labeling machinery.


3. Non-standard is higher and harder

The scale of commodity production and the diversification of market demand are always contradictory. 

On the one hand, the ideal desire of manufacturers is single product, high-scale production efficiency and low input cost. 

On the other hand, market demand is always new and tired, and it is best to change it regularly. Packaging, new type, because the product design is getting more and more ambiguous between the measurement and the choice, the packaging design is getting fresher and more beautiful. No matter which specific process is automated, the unique diversity of the product will give birth to more and higher. Standard equipment requirements, this is an opportunity and a challenge for labeling machinery manufacturers. After all, non-standard, not every manufacturer can pick up, non-standard, not every customer recognizes your plan

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