Common problem of broken adhesive labels
Jan 25, 2019

1. There is a crack in the edge of the label bottom paper: this is a relatively common break mark. After the die-cut label is processed into a finished product, the bottom paper is generally kept wider than the label, which is to facilitate the labeling when the customer is labeling. It is easy to split the bottom paper of the edge of the label into small cracks during the transportation and handling of the label package. The automatic labeling machine has a certain tension when labeling, and the label with a crack at the edge of the bottom paper is easily broken under the action of tension, resulting in labeling and breaking.

2. The adjustment of the roller on the automatic labeling machine is not suitable, which causes the bottom paper of the edge of the roller to crack the label to cause the label to be broken. Generally, the labeling and breaking tape caused by the roller paper is damaged by the roller, and the crack of the bottom paper is relatively regular. Therefore, we have to choose a label paper without a crack. Poor die cutting.

3. The quality of the die-cutting quality also has a great influence on whether it is easy to break when the automatic labeling is performed. If the die-cutting pressure is too large, the bottom paper is cut through and the tensile strength of the base paper is lowered, resulting in labeling and breaking. The fracture surface of the labeling tape with the die-cutting is relatively uniform, and the crack is at the position of the die-cut line. We can adjust the die-cutting control screws to make the die-cutting force moderate. The release layer is destroyed.

If the release layer of the liner (usually a layer of silicone oil) is destroyed, it can also cause labeling. In this case, the labeling tape is broken, and the fracture surface of the bottom paper is jagged. The cause of the damage of the release layer is the defect in the production of raw materials, and the release layer may be scratched due to improper handling in the printing factory inspection and replenishment process.

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