Changeover parts of opp labeler
Jan 14, 2019

Many customers maybe have requirements that one hot melt glue labeler is applied for many size bottle. such as 350ml, 500ml, 1L,etc.

Of course, if one labeling machine only have one size bottle, it will be perfect to use.

There is no doubt that the output of production line is not high, but the market be requested to have more size bottle.

As a marketing manager in water factory must consider to invest the small water production line firstly for making different size water bottle.

Here we would like to share the changeover spare parts of hot melt glue labeling machine today,

1.Flange plate

2.Shaft seat

3.Distribution plate

4.Labeling hub

5.Front plate

6.Back plate

7.Guard plate

8.Up Star wheel

9.Down Star wheel

10.Star wheel column

11.Front up guard plate

12.Front down guard plate

13.Back up guard plate

14.Back down guard plate

15.Feeding screw

It just take around half hour to change above spare parts. 

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