Analysis of the operation points of the semi-automatic labeling machine
Sep 29, 2018

In the use of the semi-automatic labeling machine, in order to obtain a good processing effect, it is necessary to pay attention to the operation:

1. Check the frequency of the AC power supply of the semi-automatic sticker labeling machine with a power supply voltage of 220V (±5%) and 50Hz, 60Hz (±5%). For proper use of rated fuses, the power line must be processed first.

2. A separate power outlet should be used. The socket and connection allow currents greater than 10A. The plug and socket should be in good contact, otherwise the semi-automatic labeling machine will be easily damaged.

3, semi-automatic label machine should be placed in the local ventilation, dry, less dust, and required horizontal placement, and the distance of more than 20cm from the wall or other objects to ensure normal exhaust.

4. Do not damage the sealing head of metal objects to avoid overloading the equipment.

5. To avoid personal injury, please use a grounded AC power outlet. The grounding of the main circuit board must be guaranteed.

6. When working with manual labeling machine, do not touch the circuit board and heat sink, circuit board and metal objects with high pressure heat sink, otherwise it may cause electric shock and serious accident.

7. After starting the labeler, do not touch the closing gap for avoiding burns or electric shock

The above knowledge is one of the things that need attention in the use of semi-automatic labeling machine.If need more information, please feel free to contact us. Thanks.

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