Accuracy of the labeling machine
Dec 26, 2018

In general, there are three main reasons for the poor accuracy of the labeling machine:

1.Mechanical reasons:

Mechanical reasons are divided into static and dynamic:

a. The static cause is the shaking of the labeling head. The solution is to fix the header by tightening the label header and adjusting the fixing seat to avoid shaking.

b. Dynamic reasons:

b.1. The product sways on the conveyor belt. Solution: By reducing the guiding gap, the product is prevented from shaking on the conveyor belt;

b.2. Labeling and product speed matching, solution: By adjusting the traction frequency or conveying speed, the product will be out of the standard when it reaches the labeling position.

2. Electrical reasons

Electrical causes include both detection and power:

a. The specific reasons for the detection are:

a.1. Inaccurate label measurement, solution: reset the label sensor, so that the labeler stops marking after the product is labeled;

a.2. Inaccurate product measurement, solution: adjust the measuring object and amplifier, can accurately detect the labeling products, and accurately label.

b. The common cause of power is the abnormality of the transmission. Solution: Ensure the normal operation of the labeling machine by checking the fastening components.

3. Product reasons

There are two reasons for the sticker label and product:

a. The problem of the adhesive label is that the label spacing is not up to standard. Solution: Select the label spacing to achieve labeling.

b. The problem of the product is the product accuracy error is too large, the solution: check and adjust the product size accuracy, to ensure that the label is attached to the fixed position of the product when labeling

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