3 in 1 filling machine
Jan 28, 2019

The main features of the three-in-one water bottle filling machine:

1. The production line mechanism of the filling machine is very compact, the production space occupied will be relatively small, the requirements for the workshop and labor will be relatively low, and the factory can also carry out the layout of effective production, ensuring that it is made in a small space. Big things.

2. The shape of the water filling machine is very beautiful. Because it is three-in-one, it has a wide range of application. It has mechanical transmission equipment, so it can reduce the failure rate of the machine to *small and ensure the production efficiency more accurately. .

3. The three-in-one filling machine has an automatic electric battery, so even if it is powered off, it can be produced continuously without delay in a certain time range, effectively improving production efficiency and ensuring safety. produce.

4. More accurate and intuitive display, allowing operators to pay attention to data changes at any time, grasp the situation of water leakage, and ensure smooth production.

5. Filling mode can be freely selected, so you can complete it smoothly whether it is a sub-can installation or a step-by-step installation. Therefore, there are many applicable conditions, and merchants can also choose according to different actual situations, which greatly saves resources and ensures the maximum use of resources.

pet bottle filling machine

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